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So using a tool like Ahrefs is a faster way to understand the impact. To do this. go to Ahrefs Site Explorer . enter your domain name. and find the icon at the bottom of the organic traffic graph in Overview . . Updates to Google’s ranking algorithm mark in Overview . via Ahrefs Site Explorer The highlight symbol indicates that there are Google updates at these points. Hover over the Ⓖ symbol to get more details about the update.

Enter your domain name and scroll

View organic traffic in Ahrefs Site You can view organic traffic in Site Explorer down to the Overview . chart. Uncheck all options except “Avg. organic traffic.” Set the timeline to  Whatsapp Mobile Number List All and  Weekly. This helps you see the full timeline of your organic traffic. giving you a better idea of ​​how much your traffic has dropp. Average organic traffic filter display via Ahrefs Site Explorer highlighting drops I’ve not the site’s recent traffic drops. Let’s take a look at why this happens. Let’s zoom in and change the timeline to

March core update details view through

Hovering the cursor over the point in time when the traffic dropp. Ahrefs Site Explorer website analysis The March core update roughly coincides with this. This could be one of the reasons for  the traffic loss. but we can also see that the exact date there was a drop in organic Algeria Phone Number Data volume doesn’t coincide with the release date of this update. Therefore. we cannot say that the algorithm update caus the traffic drop. In this case. it’s best to continue investigating. If your site’s organic traffic drops coincide exactly with the update. then it’s likely that the Google update affect you.

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