Connect your Facebook and Intstagram accounts

Connect your Facebook and Intstagram accounts together. If you sell online on both Facebook and Instagram, Pimploen recommends linking your store accounts on Facebook and Instagram together as well. Because stores will be able to manage ads on both Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager at the same time in one place. It also allows online sellers like us to have access to other features and insights. Plus, we can choose to display ads on each channel and can target different target groups as well. 2. Create an advertising campaign to meet the target group. Set up a Click to message Ads campaign on Facebook Ads Manager by selecting the objective as.

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Engagement ” to encourage customers to start communicating with our store. This setting Middle East Phone Number List will help our ads reach audiences who are more likely to engage with chat. Select the objective that Ads Manager is. Participation You might be interested in this article: How to use Facebook Ads Manager. What kind of ads do you send to get customers to message you in your inbox? 3. Create an auto-reply message When customers see our advertising posts Customers will click to chat on Messenger or Instagram. Of course, the store should set up an automatic reply message. The response to customers should be friendly and friendly.

This will help online stores not miss customer chat messages

Showing that our store is ready to provide services that will answer customer questions immediately. Auto reply message Page365 Recommended Page365 helps make conversations with your customers faster too. Auto reply message This will help online stores not miss customer chat messages. and help respond to information from customers immediately It also creates a very good experience for customers. Because the customer will feel that he greeted Afghanistan Phone Number Data them right away. The store responded immediately. SIGN UP FOR PAGE365 FOR FREE. 4. Use an easy-to-use chat integration system. No need to switch apps. When there are customers who keep coming in.

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